Need help with your social media campaign? Each social media strategist has many years of experience and can help you take advantage of the social media platform that most suits your needs.

The growing popularity of social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube has provided businesses with an influential online communication marketing tool that goes way beyond their website and can be delivered instantly and on a relatively small budget (compared to traditional offline marketing methods).

Adding social media to your marketing plans is a cost effective channel for sharing your marketing messages on an ongoing basis, but more importantly a channel through which you can build relationships with customers that will go on to grow your sales through word of mouth.

There is a difference between social media marketing and effective social media marketing though and this is where a social media strategist comes in. Your time is precious and we want every pound you invest in social media to deliver a return whether it is your time or your advertising budget.

Our offer stretches from giving you a social media masterclass in the platform of your choice, creating a social media marketing plan for you to deliver, or taking the whole lot off your hands and managing it for you end to end. With over 40% of businesses now outsourcing their social media campaign you will be in good company.

The Benefits of Social Media

  • Creating higher value relationships with your customers
  • Target your audience more effectively
  • Increased brand recognition
  • Better search engine rankings
  • Increased website traffic

What our Social Media Strategists Can Do For You

  • Identify the most suitable platforms for your business
  • Set up and optimize your accounts with effective copy and images
  • Target the right audience for your products and services
  • Deliver interesting and relevant content to your target audience
  • Promote your brand as if it were our own
  • Create and manage a social media campaign

If you need helping to establish your social media plans or are already using social media but don’t have time to give it your full attention, then let us look after it for you CONTACT US to discuss your needs


From £60 +VAT per hour (min 2 hrs)
£60 Per hour
  • Bespoke hands-on training on platform of your choice
  • Real time optimisation of your account profile
  • Strategies and tactics to delivery your marketing objectives including supporting tools and software


One off fee of £250 + VAT per account
£250 Per account
  • Recommendations on how to optimise the profile of the account
  • Research keywords for your target audience
  • Audience targeting recommendations
  • Sources for engaging content
  • Strategies and tactics to deliver your marketing objectives
  • Written report for future referencing


£300 + VAT per account per month
£300 Per account
  • Ongoing profile optimisation
  • Content sourced, created and scheduled for optimum effectiveness (images and video at additional cost)
  • Posting frequency in accordance with platform best practices (24/7)
  • Continual account monitoring for real time engagement, respond to mentions, follows, shares etc.
  • Finding new audiences using keywords, engagement and follow as appropriate
  • Monthly performance reporting


From £250 + VAT*
£200 Per campaign*
  • Create advertising campaign based on marketing objectives (images and video at additional cost)
  • Deliver and manage advertising campaign
  • Continual monitoring and optimization
  • Performance reporting at campaign conclusion