If you are struggling with your marketing, our Marketing strategists can assist you with your marketing strategy development to ensure marketing activities are coordinated and focused to improve return on investment.

Fail to plan, plan to fail!

Sporadic, tactical, and uncoordinated marketing activity lacks direction and focus, costs more and doesn’t always deliver the results you require.

If you’re struggling with your marketing, our highly experienced marketing strategists will work with you and your businesses to assist you in your marketing strategy development or helping get you back on course with an existing one. Our aim is to get to know you and your customers and then set about devising and constructing a precise and tailored marketing plan to help you meet your marketing objectives.

As your marketing partner, our marketing strategists will work with you to establish a clear strategy aligned with your business objectives and budgets, within the context of the commercial landscape in which you operate.

Through the development of a marketing strategy and creation of an integrated marketing plan, our marketing strategists can help you deliver a coherent, considered, cost-effective campaign to promote your brand or business.

In order to develop your marketing strategy and then to deliver it we follow a five-stage process as follows –

Marketing Strategy

Phase 1 – Research and Evaluation

The initial step in the development of a marketing plan is to hold a joint ‘discovery’ meeting with your management team and key stakeholders.

The purpose of the discovery meeting is to enable a structured approach to the collection and analysis of information about your business, its history and future plans, your market, and your competition, the company’s operating performance and data on the internal and external environment.

This approach is an essential prerequisite to marketing strategy formulation and builds the foundation for future marketing decisions.

Phase 2 – Marketing Strategy Formulation

The creation of a marketing strategy helps guide your company’s direction and ensures that your marketing plans are aligned with your business objectives. Specifically the objective of a marketing strategy for the company is to achieve the following.

  • To identify where the business is now and what it’s future aspirations and objectives are.
  • To identify what strategies and tactics should be implemented across all aspects of marketing to help you meet the business objectives?
  • To create a time based plan for implementation of marketing activity – (the Marketing Plan)
  • To consider how future marketing activity is to be managed and monitored
  • To identify key metrics to be used for monitoring the ROI of any marketing activity.

Phase 3 – Marketing Plan Development

The writing of a fully-costed integrated marketing plan including timetabling of deliverables. Your completed plan is a detailed roadmap that outlines all your marketing strategies, tactics, activities, costs and projected results over a period of time.

The plan keeps your entire team focused on specific goals – it’s a critical resource for your entire company.

Phase 4 – Implementation

Once the marketing plan has been signed off and final budgets approved, implementation of the marketing strategy takes place. Whatever marketing activity is deemed to be required – ‘traditional’ tactics such as direct marketing, print advertising and PR, right through to web design, email, content marketing, social media, video and SEO – our team of in-house experts have the experience to tailor campaigns to meet your needs as a business.

Phase 5 – Measurement, Reporting and Review

We will discuss your expectations, confirm KPIs and agree the targets for any project or campaign to be delivered. Regular evaluation will take place as part of any ongoing reporting agreed.