Our consumer insights services will provide key market intelligence to help your business to better understand your clients, potential clients, wider marketplace, workforce, and position yourself better in changing market circumstances.

Insight and information are a powerful combination of assets for any business to hold.

Market intelligence will help to better understand your clients, potential clients, the wider marketplace, and indeed your own internal workforce, can equip you with the knowledge to grow business in the right direction, be aware of and deal with challenges, and position yourself to succeed in maintaining and growing your business amidst constantly changing market circumstances.

Conceiving and conducting research internally can be time-consuming, costly and often difficult without fully qualified resource to deliver.   This is where our consumer insights and market intelligence service can help, by utilising our research expertise on a project basis this will be very effective in terms of time, cost and impartiality in delivering insight that enables you to drive business actions.

Consumer Insight & Market Intelligence

Benefits of Market Intelligence and Research

  • Increased knowledge and understanding of your customers, audience or marketplace
  • Understand better the attitudes and usage of products and services provided by yourself and the wider market
  • Enables informed insight enables better client and market engagement and positioning as experts in field
  • Enables greater precision in targeting new and existing customers
  • Underpins informed business planning and strategy development

What We Can Do For You

  • Survey your customers or the wider market using professional research software & techniques
  • Conduct comparison studies of product and service usage including attitudes and engagement
  • Identify the key requirements expected from you and the market by different target groups
  • Identify key areas in services or products that enable you to take a lead or expert position
  • Survey your staff to determine levels of engagement with the organisation, motivations, issues and challenges to provide a blueprint for internal development
  • Overall, provide clear insight, concise analysis and recommended actions for business planning, marketing and communications