We want to be more than an just an “agency” – over time we’d like you to think of Stamford Brand Marketing as part of your team – your marketing department.

Why? Because if you come to feel that way, then what we are delivering must be the sort of excellent customer experience we strive to provide. We work with you to create a well considered, evidence-based marketing strategy, help you shape your brand plan, and then deliver integrated marketing campaigns across all appropriate marketing channels including digital, social, direct mail, print, online and video.

Whatever your market, whatever your budget, whatever your size of business, Stamford BRAND Marketing can provide a range of marketing services to help you develop and grow your business.

What we can do for you

Strategy and Branding

There’s a popular misconception that marketing strategy is something that only large corporate businesses either have or need to do. Most small businesses are put off by what they perceive to be the size of the task and the potential drain on resources to accomplish it.

We can help turn your business goals into a reality! Whether you’re a start up or a busy growing business, we can help to make your life easier by looking after all your marketing.

Consumer Insight

Knowing your customers is a marketing fundamental. Without being able to identify your target consumer, find out what they think about your ideas, products or brand and gather insights to help you target the right market.

Stamford BRAND Marketing can provide the insight you need to enable you to drive business actions.


If you’re struggling with your marketing, our highly experience strategists will work with you and your businesses to assist you in developing your marketing strategy or helping get you back on course with an existing one. Our aim is to get to know you and your customers and then set about devising and constructing a precise and tailored marketing plan to help you meet your marketing objectives.

Social Media

Digital Marketing has transformed the way we all communicate. For many businesses social media, email marketing and their website are preeminent marketing channels. Results are faster to achieve, are measurable and cost effective. If you want to get involved in the digital media world but are unsure how or don’t have the time then give us a call and talk to one of our experts.

Design and Print

Are you seeking a new brand identity or a fresher logo? Do you want to create print ads, posters or website graphics? Then talk to us and learn how the skills and experience of our creative graphic design team can help your business through the use of hand-drawn illustrations, high-end image manipulation, infographics and large format graphics.

Video Marketing

As marketers find more innovative ways to grab people’s attention, video has become a critical part of the marketing mix with application in Social Media, email marketing and on your website. Video is no longer an “up-and-coming” marketing tactic – it’s here, and it’s a powerful way to communicate your brand story and build relationships with your customers and prospects. We can script, storyboard and produce video for your business – call us to find out more.


If the story your brand is telling isn’t fresh, informative or relevant, your customers will look elsewhere. We can be your secret weapon in creating engaging content that is clear, concise and persuasive whether in print or online. A bold statement? Yes, because we have the talent and experience

Database Marketing

If you want a targeted and cost effective means of gaining information about your current and potential customers and to gain a better understanding of who they are and what they want, then you should take advantage of Database Marketing. We can help you harness your customer data to drive personalised and relevant content via email, social media, phone, post or in person. Contact us for more information.


We can design and build all kinds of websites but we specialise in WordPress. Why? Because we reckon if WordPress is the choice of Toyota, Apple, Mercedes and many other world class brands then it’s good enough for us and our clients. Mobile is fast becoming the dominant means of how people access the internet so all WordPress sites have “Responsive Design” as it keeps you flexible for a handheld future. It will ensure your website is accessible and stunning looking no matter the screen size.